Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc.

Our Core Values


  • We deliver remarkable results and regularly exceed our own and those of our residents’ expectations.

  • We will be at the top when measured against appropriate business standards of performance in every function, in every department, in every community.

Continuous Improvement

  • We will strive for constant improvement and innovation in all that we do.

  • We question why we do things and seek to improve current methods.

  • We will find ways to improve systems, tools and ways of working together.

  • We will not become complacent in our work.

  • We will always seek new ideas and possibilities to further our mission.

  • We are open to taking risks — and failing.


  • We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments.

  • We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

Investing In Human Capital

  • The development of our people is essential to our growth and future success.

  • We will provide training and education to encourage the long-term employment and professional advancement of all our associates.

  • Our recruitment and retention effort will focus on those individuals who share our values.


  • The highest ethical standards will guide everything we do.

  • We interact with each other and the communities we serve in a way that is respectful, fully transparent and ethical.

  • Do the right thing, ALWAYS!


  • We encourage diversity to help us make better decisions.

  • We communicate and work together to meet our common goals.

Passion For Service

  • We are driven to make a difference in the communities where we work and live.

  • We are committed to improving the lives of our residents through education and service.